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About Us

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Leading Edge Archery was started with a primary goal of creating a high end Pro Shop experience for our customers with a strong emphasis on instructional lessons for kids and adults that goes far beyond the typical teaching methods of most archery shops.
We take over 30 years of experience in shooting both recurves and compounds and help educate our customers on proven techniques that will further develop their skills in archery. In addition we are avid hunters and ply our trade on the Western Mountains in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado to name a few. This allows our staff members to test the products that we sell in the harshest of conditions to insure that what we outfit you with, is the best in functionality and quality.
Unlike some of our competitors, we do not carry a large selection of products on the shelf. However, we carry proven products that are superior in performance and quality. So many shops today are fighting to carry a multitude of products to compete with the “Big Box” stores.

At Leading Edge Archery we prefer to specialize in the exact products that have proven themselves in the field and on the range. You can have confidence that the products we sell will exceed your expectations for your archery needs.

Finally, you will find our service second to none. We take the time to fully educate our customers on the technical side of archery. We go the extra mile to insure that your equipment is tuned and shooting to perfection. For this reason we ask for your patience in waiting to talk with one of our service technicians, as we like to take the time to insure that your experience with our products and service is world class.
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