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Custom Strings

Here at Leading Edge we build all of our custom strings in house, using only the best in quality material from BCY, specifically BCY 452X material. Unlike other string manufacturers that build strings specific to factory specifications, we use our extensive knowledge of individual brands and bows and manufacture your string to optimize performance.

Shortening serving lengths specific to your draw length, adding additional strands to cables to better distribute load, are just a few examples of how we customize strings to maximize all aspects of performance with your bow. All of our strings are hand spun to insure a quality product from beginning to end. Experience Leading Edge Custom Strings and take your archery to the next level.

Here is how to get your custom strings

  1. Come into Leading Edge, give us a call, or order online. We will need to know your bow’s make and model.
  2. Choose your colors. We use the highest quality material and have a large variety of colors to choose from.
  3. Your custom string is built by hand by our amazing staff to ensure quality control.
  4. Your string is professionally installed to insure proper installation.