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Scott Hamlin shooting

Scott Hamlin:

Scott has been shooting archery for over 30 years starting with a recurve bow for the first ten years and now with compounds. With a background in engineering, he lives in the technical world of the sport and loves sharing that knowledge with others. Scott has been competing at the highest levels of the sport beginning with Olympic recurve as a young man on the JOAD team programs and now traveling the US competing as a Senior. Come the fall it is all about Western Big Game in the mountains of Montana and Colorado. His true passion is assisting others in the pursuit of elk and mule deer. Back pack hunting is the preferred method as it is the most challenging, yet rewarding.
Bridger Deaton shooting

Bridger Deaton:

Bridger has been shooting competitive archery as a Professional for over 9 years. He owns numerous World Records as a Youth shooter in USA Archery events that still stand today. Traveling the World as an International shooter representing the US, Bridger has won numerous tournaments, namely World Champion at the World Cup in 2015 in Switzerland, along with a team Championship in Mixed Doubles in Poland. With a highly technical background in archery, Bridger is a master at bow and arrow set up and tuning. In the fall, Bridger turns to his true passion; hunting Midwestern giant whitetails. His expertise in habitat management and stand sets is un-matched within the industry.
Bryce Tally staff

Bryce Talley:
Bryce has been shooting competitive archery for over 5 years with a 2019 Texas State title in 3D and numerous other tournament wins in disciplines from Field to Indoor archery. As a Junior technician, Bryce’s skills are ever evolving into a world-class bow technician. As an avid hunter, Bryce has been able to travel the World hunting big game animals. His accomplishments include an Asianic Water Buffalo and Red Stag taken in Argentina, and numerous game animals in South Africa and Zimbabwe. His knowledge of the archery requirements needed to be successful in big game international hunting is second to none.

Kyna Stephens staff

Kyna Stephens:
Kyna has been shooting competitive archery for over 2 years and has seen rapid success in the sport to date. In 2019, she was Texas State Shooter of the Year and State Tournament Champion. In National level competition, Kyna enjoyed numerous top tens competing at the ASA Pro/Am events. In the beginning of 2020, Kyna won her first National Pro Am in Foley, AL. As a junior technician, Kyna excels at bow set up and arrow building. As most archers, she is an avid hunter and taken numerous animals with her bow.

Taylor Cripps staff

Taylor Cripps:
Taylor is the newest addition to the LEA Team as both shooter and employee. As a quick study, Taylor has rapidly become proficient at all aspects of bow tuning, and string making. As a shooter, Taylor has already competed in the largest Archery Tournament in the World; The Vegas Shoot. Her skills as a beginner level instructor are excellent and always met with positive reviews from our customer base.

Chiara Olthwaite staff

Chiara Olthwaite:
Chiara or “Pink” as most know her, has been shooting archery for over 5 years. Most recently she began shooting high level tournaments, even attending The Vegas Shoot, the World’s largest archery tournament. She is working on her skills to become a junior level technician. Pink excels at the coaching of beginning level archers, sharing her knowledge and instructing on the basics of shooting a bow. Her clientele are always happy with her instructing and ask for her upon their return visits.

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